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Reliable Techniques for Complex Assembly Design in Autodesk Inventor

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    How often have you made a simple change to a part file in Autodesk Inventor, only to return to the assembly and have it explode? I know that this has happend to you. It's happened to me too. In this class, we will learn simple and effective strategies for building parametric, stable assemblies that can easily be updated. We will discuss best practice for structuring assemblies and how to scale when working with large assemblies. We will learn how to use relationships effectively, and when to use the alternatives. We will learn how to prepare a design for top-down parametric change, and how we can trigger changes using iLogic. Finally, we will learn how to document our design intent to ensure that our colleagues can work with our assemblies as effectively as we can.

    Key Learnings

    • Structure assemblies effectively
    • Use relationships effectively, and know when to use the alternatives
    • Manage large assemblies
    • Trigger top-down parametric changes with iLogic