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Rediscover Pressure Pipes in Civil 3D 2021 with New Path-Based Workflows

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    Layout and editing of Pressure Pipe Networks was improved in Civil 3D 2021 software with new workflows focusing on horizontal and vertical paths of pipe runs. Pressure pipe, fitting, and appurtenance locations are modified by controlling the path of the pipe runs instead of having to manipulate each individual part in the network. This class is intended for designers either new to Civil 3D software or more experienced but looking for new ways to design pipe utility networks based on horizontal and vertical paths. This class will explore easier methods to define a lowering at a crossing pipe and follow the path of horizontal directional drilling.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the new Pressure Pipe Runs that were added to Civil 3D 2021.
    • Learn how to create and edit Pipe Runs based on horizontal and vertical paths.
    • Learn how to design pipe runs vertically to avoid crossing pipes and follow directional drilling.
    • Learn how to configure your pressure content to take advantage of the new workflows.