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The Reality of the Cloud

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    Today the cloud seems to be in the forefront of business conversations and is entrenched in our everyday lives. Think about Netflix, Spotify, or Evernote. Many of us use a cloud service daily without even thinking about it. What impact does this rapid adoption have on our professional lives, and what advances can we achieve by taking advantage of the power of the cloud?Join our host Andrew Anagnost, Autodesk senior vice president of Industry Strategy & Marketing, and a few of our customers who have already integrated the cloud into their work: Peter Leyden, CEO of Reinventors Network and former managing editor of Wired Magazine; Teresa Payton, former White House CIO, and cybersecurity authority and identity theft expert; and Scott Zimmerman, manager, Enterprise Systems, Bechtel Corporation. See how adoption is occurring faster than we might have thought. Form your own opinion about whether a public or a hybrid approach might be the best solution for your organization as speakers discuss security and explore the pros and cons of a public versus hybrid cloud. And finally, what does the future hold? Get a glimpse of the possibilities the cloud offers and how complex data problems will rapidly accelerate the move to the cloud.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain how Autodesk's vision for computing in the cloud will transform the way you work
    • Explain how the cloud is transforming businesses today
    • Describe how the cloud creates new opportunities