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Fabrication: An Administration Guide for New Customers

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    Fabrication software can seem overwhelming to new customers due to the number of files and interdependencies between settings. Fabrication software is probably unlike any other system you've managed before, and there are many things you may want to know. This session will walk you through from a new customer's point of view. You'll learn how to install, how to configure for a larger enterprise deployment, and how to keep all your users on the same page. You'll also discover a variety of other housekeeping items that will enable you to focus on learning the tools. We'll go over the database folder configuration and structure, and we'll explain all those dependencies between the various database entries. Finally, you'll learn some key practices that will keep you from creating problems down the road. In short, this is a new customers' how-to course for Fabrication software management.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to install Fabrication software products
    • Learn how to convert your install to an enterprise deployment
    • Learn how those files and folders work together (or don't)
    • Discover how the various database settings relate to one another