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Reality Capture: Benefits, Workflows, and How to Get Started!

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    This class will demonstrate various reality capture strategies and use cases in different architecture, engineering, and construction project phases. We'll focus both on strategies that can be implemented in-house as well as options for integrating outsourced deliverables into in-house workflows. We have integrated point clouds from laser scans and unmanned autonomous systems (UAS) photogrammetry, and we'll show our workflows and results. We'll talk about the setup process for attaining accurate shared coordinates for automated GPS placement within Revit software. We'll also demonstrate how we created and implemented affordable UAS photogrammetric scans into our Revit workflows, and how they compare to laser scan point clouds. This class will showcase several case study projects in which we used laser and photogrammetric scans for various needs, ranging from developing design concepts for small residential additions to new large-scale health care projects and multimillion-dollar departmental relocations inside existing facilities.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the time and cost benefits of using reality capture
    • Understand the differences between various types of reality capture in the AEC industry
    • Develop workflows to accurately integrate laser scans into Revit and improve project accuracy
    • Learn how to implement appropriate reality capture deliverables for the corresponding project use case