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Ready, Fire, Aim: Secrets to Hitting Your Design Technology Targets

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    Firms spend thousands on design technology, yet few come close to hitting the target once that technology is put into production. End users often struggle with utilizing the tools provided to them as much as those tasked with supporting the tools do with staying ahead of a constant funnel of questions—or worse, no questions at all. In the end, Band-Aids are placed on a long list of symptoms with little resolution to the underlying problems that are holding your team back. This class will focus on strategies for establishing dialog between those tasked with making your selected design-technology work, and those affected by its use within your organization. By understanding the issues limiting the success of the tools you use for design, contextualized targets may be established and a plan for how to progress toward the bull’s eye of those targets may be set.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to establish a framework for evaluating, analyzing, and implementing technology targets
    • Learn how to evaluate issues affecting the success of your design technology
    • Learn how to analyze design technology challenges to identify the root cause to specific symptoms
    • Learn how to develop a systematic plan for addressing design-technology challenges