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ReCap 360 Pro: What's New—and Advanced Topics
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The first part of this session will demonstrate the latest developments in ReCap 360 Pro software, focusing on features released since last year (2017 product year). Topics will include the Scan to Mesh service; registration of unmanned aerial vehicles and handheld point clouds; the use of ReCap software’s OEM tools for advanced workflow integrations; and advanced presentation tools, including high-resolution image export. We will cover in depth new features and workflows with real-world project data. The second part of the session will cover advanced workflow how-to topics pulled from our community forum and idea station. Examples may include aligning data to survey coordinates, optimizing edited data sets, and working with regions and view states. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to use ReCap 360 Pro to create a textured mesh from a point cloud selection
  • Learn how to use ReCap 360 Pro to register UAV or handheld scan data to a project
  • Learn how to use ReCap software's OEM tools to automate reality-computing workflows
  • Learn how to handle common pitfalls in advanced ReCap workflows


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