Lecture    CR2809-P
Rapid-Fire Autodesk® Revit® Data Extraction: Best Practices for Construction Data Extraction
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Autodesk Revit software 3D models contain rich data that is important to builders. Getting all the data, geometry, object properties, and custom parameters out of the unique data structure of Revit remains a challenge. Builders are often given models that have not been developed with their input and contain object property information that is incomplete, inaccurate, or generic. In this class, we will demonstrate how all data from Revit can be extracted quickly, enabling model quality assessment prior to performing 4D simulation, clash detection, and 5D estimating. In addition, you will learn to push new data into Revit, to better manage and comprehend Revit data as the model progresses in development, and to use techniques for model variance analysis and trends. The class will also cover strategies, workflows, and best practices for creating Revit templates that optimize data extraction and enable Revit objects to be mapped to external databases or to be further manipulated for additional analysis.

Key Learnings

  • Manipulate Revit information to concisely gather key data points that are useful for builders
  • Construct views in Autodesk® Navisworks® software that map directly to the Revit data being extracted
  • Define specific guidelines that provide project team members with a mutually beneficial model
  • Optimize data extraction from Revit in an easily usable, tabular format



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