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Punch as You Build: Quality Control Tracking Within the Autodesk Construction Cloud Platform

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    This presentation will detail how Clayco has used the "Punch as You Build" process to streamline the usage of checklists and issues for quality-control tracking within the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform (BIM 360 and Autodesk Build). We'll not only cover how we've standardized issue types and subtypes across the enterprise (from early design to construction and even warranty), but also how we employ standard checklist and issue workflows across our 100+ concurrent projects. Furthermore, our presentation will demonstrate the benefits of standardization in developing and identifying enterprise-level, high-risk quality trends and solutions. We'll highlight the functionality and value of this process through the success one of our Clayco project teams had from implementing a culture of quality with the "Punch as You Build" process.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the benefits of standardization in developing and identifying enterprise-level trends and solutions.
    • Learn how to implement issues in conjunction with checklists to maintain a culture of quality.
    • Learn about maximizing issues and checklists to hold project teams and subcontractors accountable.
    • Learn how to use a centralized location for quality control correspondence and documentation.