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Hands-on Lab    SE1588-L
The Prolific Potential of Parts
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Parts first became available in Revit® Structure 2012 and has been widely improved upon since then. This hands-on lab starts with a discussion of the evolution of the Parts tool since it was introduced and explores the many potential applications and uses for this tool. From collaboration and coordination with other disciplines to increasing internal efficiency, this tool has immense potential in the design phase of a project. The lab exercise enables attendees to use the tool and try out some of the features in a simulated project. In addition to covering the positive aspects of this tool, this lab also discusses and demonstrates some prospective challenges associated with using Parts in various applications.

Key Learnings

  • Describe the evolution of the Parts tool
  • Use Parts as a collaboration tool
  • Use Parts in a project environment
  • List the benefits and challenges of using Parts


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