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Procedural PBR Material Creation Using Substance Designer for Visualization

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    Learn to procedurally create any kind of physically based rendering (PBR) material with Substance Designer. This will enable you to create physically based materials that not only look believable, but also materials that tile perfectly when rendered. In this class you'll learn how to create some basic materials, and how to translate them into the major rendering applications including: mental ray rendering machine, NVIDIA’s Iray rendering engine, Chaos Group's V-Ray rendering engine, and A360 cloud-based collaboration service. We will also touch on creating material definition language (MDL) materials by using Iray directly inside Substance Designer. With Substance Designer at the center of your material pipeline, you’ll be able to create materials that will look relatively the same across any rendering engine you end up using for visualization. They will even translate into the major gaming engines, such as Stingray game engine, Unreal, and Unity. The industry use case for Substance Designer is unlimited. Anyone doing product design, automotive, architecture, film, and gaming can benefit from adding Substance Designer to his or her pipeline. This session features 3ds Max and A360. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to get started in Substance Designer
    • Learn how to create some basic materials
    • Learn how to export the materials created
    • Learn how to apply the materials across various rendering engines