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Power-Ups and Cheat Codes: Tips and Tricks for the Fusion 360 API

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    The Fusion 360 platform is an extremely powerful tool for design and manufacturing, and with the inclusion of an easily accessible API, it can become even more powerful to automate user workflows. This class is NOT an introduction to the API. Rather, this class will focus on a number of powerful techniques the presenters have developed throughout the years to significantly enhance developer workflows and increase what you may think is possible with the Fusion 360 Client API. The class will focus on a number of specific problems and use cases commonly encountered when building automations and application integrations. Come learn how to do things you may never have thought possible.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up your development environment.
    • Learn how to work with attributes (there’s a lot more here than you may think).
    • Learn how to capitalize on temporary BREP geometry.
    • Learn how to effectively debug Fusion 360 API scripts and add-ins.