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Power Dimensioning in AutoCAD Mechanical: Adding Power to the Mechanical Designs

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    We've been dimensioning in AutoCAD software for what seems like a century. You will learn how the multipurpose AMPOWERDIM command automatically recognizes objects and defaults to the appropriate dimension type. Discover how to create multiple dimensions with minimal input, resulting in instant groups of appropriately spaced ordinate, parallel, or symmetrical dimensions. You will also learn how to automatically force overlapping dimensions to automatically space themselves appropriately. You can use the same command to place linear, angular, radial, diameter, baseline, and chain dimensions. Learn how to integrate tolerance and fit list information into the drawing. In a layout or scale area, power dimensions automatically adjust their linear scale based on the points or geometry selected.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create different dimension types using the Power Dimension tool
    • Learn how to insert fits and tolerances for dimensions
    • Learn how to lay out dimensions accurately
    • Understand how to use your custom dimension style in power dimensions