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Point Clouds and Revit Best Practices

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    Renovation work is challenging when you’re trying to capture all the necessary details via hand sketches and pictures to complete the new work with as little field conflicts as possible. This is where the laser scanning of existing spaces is best utilized. Laser scanning enables the design and construction teams to collect 3D color images that, when assembled using ReCap software into a single file, enable users to "walk-through" the 3D space as though they were actually in the space in person. Users are able to navigate through the spaces as well as take relevant dimensions without ever having to get on a ladder or even leave their desks. Laser scanning saves time and provides additional levels of detail that pictures alone can't achieve. This roundtable will discuss how companies are currently utilizing point cloud data along with best workflows to maximize the value provided, along with industry trends. This session features ReCap and ReCap.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how point clouds are currently being utilized in industry
    • Learn best workflows for using point clouds in Revit
    • Learn the limitations of point clouds in Revit
    • Learn about industry trends for point cloud data