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The Peer-to-Peer CAD Manager
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This course will start with the assumption that many CAD / Building Information Modeling (BIM) managers have little to no direct managerial authority over the staffers they support, yet they're still expected to get results. To make things worse, many times these managers are also engineers, architects, or designers working under severe time constraints while expected to remain billable. This course will present strategies for peer-to-peer interaction with users and project managers that can help you persuade people to comply with key CAD/BIM management directives such as standards, file storage, training, and interdepartmental coordination. If you fit the peer-to-peer CAD/BIM manager profile, you're sure to pick up some solid ideas you can use immediately. And even if you do have full managerial authority, you can still benefit from using some of these collaborative and persuasive strategies. This class is designed for managers of numerous disciplines.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to gain more respect and attention from peer users
  • Learn how to establish more credibility with project managers
  • Learn how to persuade the organization to follow standards
  • Discover how to work toward formal CAD-management employment



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