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Outside the Box: Pushing the Limits and Traditional Uses of BIM 360 Field
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Many areas of BIM 360 software appear to serve a singular purpose or serve primarily the building industry. However, with some creative thinking and front-end work, BIM 360 can be a total project documentation and tracking software for change order management, fieldwork tracking, multiple miniproject tracking, material tracking, and critical schedule milestones. All of these things can be accomplished with expanding the uses of issues, tasks, and equipment modules, and working with their frameworks to create a complete and thorough database for managing your project resources and schedules, not only in the building industry, but also in the civil and utility sides of construction.

Key Learnings

  • Think outside the box to use new and creative ways to maximize tasks, equipment, and issues to deliver strong tracking workflows
  • Learn how to integrate and make connections between issues, tasks, and equipment to ensure critical project deliverables do not get missed or lost in a sea of data
  • Understand the collection of data and how to best set up your project and project users for success
  • Understand BIM 360 reporting structure with both packaged reports and custom exports to maximize your ability to deliver quality and timely information to your project teams




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