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“Out of Office” Takes On a Whole New Meaning

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    Our firm has grown from 15 to 22 offices in less than 7 years. Of those offices, 19 are in the United States, but the other 3 are Canada, Mexico, and Panama. Working in collaboration with all these offices has presented its challenges with regard to software licensing, data exchange, model sharing, and many others aspects. This class aims to share some of the obstacles, hits and misses, and approaches our firm has encountered and applied. We will discuss network and Internet issues, hardware solutions, cloud solutions, and some unique approaches.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to make better decisions for setting up projects for interoffice collaboration
    • Learn how to identify potential obstacles in collaborative workflow
    • Understand the differences between the cloud and other forms of collaboration
    • Discover the options available for intraoffice and interoffice collaboration