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Our Journey to BIM 360—Adoption for Large Engineering Companies

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    Arcadis started to adopt BIM 360 software in 2016 with a number of lighthouse projects to implement a successful approach developing a well-structured, flexible project foundation for all project type rollouts within BIM 360. It turns out that, for a large engineering company like Arcadis, attempting to undertake a smooth and efficient project setup in BIM 360 with thousands of users and projects, proved challenging. Utilizing FORGE API and Autodesk Consulting, Arcadis was able to implement the required utilities and integrations which let the firm speed up the process of project setup and user assignment significantly and enable bulk operations. In this class, we’ll share our experience on how Arcadis adopted BIM 360, which challenges were faced, and how they were solved. You’ll also learn how Autodesk Consulting supported our BIM 360 adoption using the BIM 360 FORGE API.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to strategize a structured global framework for a BIM 360 rollout
    • Determine methods to drive adoption at a global level
    • Learn about Forge API integrations
    • Gain insight into Arcadis’s lessons learned