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Optimizing Parametric Parking Lots and Site Layouts with Dynamo and Project Refinery

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    Learn how to use parametric models to assist your site planning and design process. This instructional demo is designed to show the audience how to use Dynamo’s geometry tools to model site components, such as property lines, parking spots, driving lanes, building footprints, and more. We’ll define relationships between components and we’ll integrate them into one parametric model, bringing to life a basic site-layout generator. Whether you’re looking to improve your design process, think algorithmic, or learn and create or improve your own tool, this session will serve as a foundation to start using parametric models as your design assistant. Also, get ready to stop manually quantifying parking spaces or building areas. Finally, we’ll launch Project Refinery to optimize output values that reflect on design, such as parking-space count, building area, or average walking distance from parking space to building.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn to combine Dynamo and Project Refinery to augment your design process
    • Learn about geometry relationships in a parametric system
    • Learn how to use Dynamo points, curves, polygons, surfaces, and solids to represent design components
    • Get ideas on how to approach the site planning and design algorithmically