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Optimizing Data Collaboration Infrastructure for Project Team Ecosystems

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    In the post-pandemic era, we still find that supporting distributed teams of employees, project partners and customers located in offices, on the road, and working at home is still a challenge – especially when it comes to ensuring high performance access to project files and their security. This is further exasperated by systems we rushed to implement during the pandemic, mergers and acquisitions taking place in the industry, and a desire to continue leveraging a best-of-breed global workforce. Session attendees will be introduced to real world situational analysis along with best practices that organizations can utilize to help deliver a positive experience to their user constituents and value to the overall organization.

    Key Learnings

    • How to analyze file sharing/collaboration requirements and corresponding data architectures.
    • Compare common techniques in use for file sharing.
    • Recognizing shadow IT and how you can address it.
    • Enable data architectures for continuous availability, ransomware protection and disaster recovery.