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Optimizing Cost Oversight: Using the Power of Cost Management Module

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    As a main contractor working in a fragmented industry, Square Engineering Firm faces significant challenges when it comes to quality and cost management. In this industry talk, we will discuss how Square, a leading main contractor, in partnership with KEMET Corporation, a service provider with extensive experience in the field, has maximized the power of the Cost Management module in Autodesk Build in the management of all project contracts and payments. We'll showcase how the Cost Management module enhanced the visibility and transparency of project costs, which led to gradual adoption and all of Square's projects now being live in Autodesk Build and the Cost Management module. Moreover, we will discuss how we extended the value of this tool by integrating it with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, which enabled us to centralize data sources, ensure data integrity, and reconcile accounting and project management rapidly.

    Key Learnings

    • Get motivated to maximize the power of connected technology for cost management.
    • Learn the value of connecting cost workflows in a central platform.
    • Learn how Cost Management blows Excel out of the water.
    • See the importance of integrating cost management with your ERP system.