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It Pays to Integrate: Ins and Outs of a Successful ERP and Cost Integration

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    Do your accounting and operations teams have to deal with the headache of duplicate data entry—or delays caused by using multiple systems to manage project finances? It doesn't need to be like that. What if your accounting team could continue using the software they need while your operations teams use another, with the data flowing continuously between them? Talk about saving you time and money! Join us as Jacobsen Construction, Morpheus Technology Group, and Autodesk come together to discuss the ins and outs of integrating an accounting/ERP system with a cost management system. You'll also get a glimpse into what the process looked like for Jacobsen with their Viewpoint Vista integration, the lessons they learned, and the benefits they're experiencing.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn what types of accounting/ERP integrations are available and the distinctions between them.
    • Hear about best practices to get integration ready and how to overcome roadblocks you may encounter.
    • Learn how Jacobsen Construction, Morpheus, and Autodesk prepared for a successful integration.
    • Benefits of integration operations and accounting systems