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Optimize and Administer Your BIM 360 Member Subscriptions

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    This session will cover many areas, including 1) Better analytics: Member Limits by Services lacks the detail to understand which areas of your business are getting the most benefit from BIM 360 software and where more support is needed; 2) Data downloading: We have previously only been able to see user status and last sign-in, but it was not linked to the other valuable data in BIM 360 that the data extractor provides; 3) Data cleaning: Microsoft Power BI's Query Editor enables noncoders to transform data sets into a usable format in an intuitive user interface where any Microsoft Excel user will feel at home; 4) Dashboard reports: Once the downloads from the data extractor have been transformed and loaded into Power BI, you can create visual reports that show a high level of detail on BIM 360 usage. To get the same level of understanding you would need to visit many admin pages; and 5) Storyboarding reports: Care should be taken to construct a visual report that first explores trends before progressively drilling down through subcategories to examine detail.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to download member and project data from BIM 360 Data Extractor.
    • Learn about data cleanup in Power BI Query Editor.
    • Learn how to create a Power BI report dashboard.
    • Learn how to read into your reports to plan actions on members and projects.