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The Omniverse of Collaboration: Visualization using USD

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    In an industry like AEC where there are numerous design applications and visualization tools the thought of trying to collaborate across applications, especially when it comes to Visualization, can be a daunting task. By using NVIDIA Omniverse can help to simplify collaboration and workflows. This technical instruction session will bring you up to date on the latest in USD (Universal Scene Description) workflows using Connectors from Autodesk Revit to NVIDIA Omniverse, how to choose the right Omniverse app for your visualization needs, and how to improve your experience and capabilities using Omniverse Extensions.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand USD and collaborative workflows
    • Setup and configure Nvidia Omniverse Workstation
    • Selecting the right Omniverse App for the job
    • The power of extensions and extendibility