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Not All Change Is Good: Recognizing When and How to Champion Technology Innovation

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    You may be great at chopping down trees, but it's important to be in the right forest. This course will help you change champion technology innovation initiatives across the enterprise, attain recognition, and get promoted. Knowing which battles are meaningful to win because they benefit the company will help you gain or lose influence. This course will help you to gain executive sponsorship and identify and charter 3D CAD. You will also discover Building Information Modeling (BIM) and virtual design and construction (VDC) initiatives that make your company money, establish the business case for the change, develop success measurements for the change, establish which stakeholders can help drive the change, as well as identify both the parties who will own the change and success measures that will gain high-level commitment to win and succeed.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn to identify meaningful initiatives that influence company revenue
    • Learn how to develop and champion enterprise technology innovation initiatives
    • Understand the critical variables that help to better ensure successful execution
    • Understand the change management framework and methodology