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No Estimation Without Quantification: Assemble Your Quantities Today
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Many of us have been creating models for our projects for some time now, but have we really been getting the most out of them? By starting our modeling process earlier we can capitalize on our models for better quantities and an overall better project. Join us as we guide you through the process of extracting quality quantities out of your models and using that data for estimating, scheduling, and production tracking. We start by sharing how we create our Revit software models for the most effective quantities that will have the greatest effect on our final design. We will also show you how to capitalize on shared parameters to sort and group takeoffs as well as track production data, and push this information in and out of the model without ever opening Revit software. Quantities should live on throughout construction and into operations in order to help us gain better insights into our projects. Using Assemble to get the most out of your quantities will surely start a revolution among your team.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to create Revit models for effective quantity takeoff
  • Learn how to capitalize on shared parameters to sort, group, and maximize model elements to get the most out of your quantity takeoff
  • Learn how to focus your modeling efforts on areas that will have the biggest cost and design impact
  • Learn how to analyze and capitalize on your model-based quantities for better scheduling and production tracking



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