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Next level design workflows in Fusion 360: mixing T-Splines, meshes, and Voronoi-based patterns for product design

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    This class explores workflows for taking bodies modeled in Fusion 360 and converting them to more complex topologies via Voronoi-based patterns. These types of patters are organic and visually striking, resembling nature-based structures. This process is achieved by exporting bodies from Fusion into programs like Meshmixer, ReCap Pro and Voronator, where it’s easy to apply different types of patterns. The resulting meshes can be brought back into Fusion and turn them back into T-Splines for further development. A big benefit of this workflow is that designs combine different types of geometries (i.e. solid faces with Voronoi-based patterns) in a single body. An example of this workflow can be found at:

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to transform basic designs created in Fusion 360 into more-complex shapes that use generative design topologies such as Voronoi patterns
    • Discover different options for importing and exporting different body types, including T-Splines, B-Reps, Meshes, triFaces, and QuadFaces
    • Learn how to use programs such as Meshmixer, ReCap Pro, and Voronator to export, transform, and edit bodies
    • Explore how meshes can be imported back into Fusion 360 and be combined with T-Splines bodies