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The New Print Landscape for Autodesk CAD Users

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    : Like all technology, the way Autodesk CAD professionals use print as a tool is always in evolution. For what used to be a routine office task of printing, the needs are changing for Autodesk Professionals and all business users to manage print costs, work remotely with teams across geography, and share information fast to colleagues at home, off-site, and across town in paper form in compliment to the digital files we share. With work from home and remote offices on the rise, being able to not just print, but also share and collaborate annotated hardcopy prints, is now a requirement to get work done at the speed of today without compromise.

    Key Learnings

    • How to use print in today’s AutoDesk/ CAD environment
    • Using software to monitor and estimate print costs and usage
    • Solutions to help reduce shipping and share printed copies faster
    • Workflows you can use to create effective documents