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Nesting Utility Hands-On

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    The class will explore all the major commands and options the Inventor software Nesting Utility add-in has to offer, including the following: Nesting entire assemblies or individual Inventor sheet metal parts, extrusions, and sketches; nesting on multiple rectangular sheets of same or varying dimensions or on roll material; optimizing nest efficiency (filler parts, tweak nesting parameters); reading in DXF (drawing exchange format) files and use layer mappings to guide the fabrication process; exploring associativity scenarios between 3D model and the generated nests; exporting nest as DXF or 3D model; generating NC toolpath using Inventor HSM CAM workflows; and exploring nest reports and costing.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use all the functions in Nesting Utility at an intermediate level
    • Learn how to prepare the nested parts for Autodesk HSM and create the 2D profile operation to cut out the parts
    • Understand the nesting settings and workflows to use for metal, wood, and composite materials
    • Learn how to use AutoCAD and its file formats (DWG/DXF) in combination with Nesting Utility