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A Navisworks Template to Clash Them All

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    This class covers the production of a Navisworks project review software Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination template. In this lab session we will go through the process of setting up default search sets and developing clash rules in Navisworks project review software using an XML editor. We will then go through the process of exporting error reports with basic modification. The session will conclude with a walk-through of the clash detection cycle and workflow for updating the clash tests. At the end of the lab you will have a basic Navisworks software clash detection template to take away with you. This will result in a base standardized set of clash detection rules and a drastic reduction in the time taken to carry out clash detection and reporting.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create multiple search sets using an xml editor
    • Learn how to create multiple clash rules using an xml editor
    • Learn how to carry out basic customization of clash test reports
    • Learn how to develop a standardized workflow for clash detection