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Mortenson Construction Concrete Pour Sequence Tool for Revit Developed by CTC

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    At Mortenson Construction we self perform concrete work, as well as other construction activities, which enables our project teams to control a critical component of our construction schedule that we call The Critical Path. Our objective is to improve our virtual design and construction (VDC) integration by increasing the efficiency of our construction system design VDC and integrated work planning (IWP) processes to drive higher value to our concrete planning and execution process. In partnership with Mortenson, CAD Technology Center has developed a plug-in to Revit software that will yield higher efficiency to our issued-for-construction sheet drawings by eliminating waste in our tedious, manual, sheet-generation tasks. The new concrete pour sequence tool will automate the process and reduce the time and effort needed to deliver high-quality drawings to our field crew (which relies on our output to put work in place). We want to spend less time with non-valuable activities and more time integrating with our concrete crews to drive value and revenue to our projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how the concrete pour sequence tool will improve efficiency
    • Learn how to automate sheet generation through the Revit software plug-in
    • Discover how to spend less time on non-valuable activities and more time integrating with the concrete crew
    • Learn how to drive consistency to your concrete-placement drawing process