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Moment Factory Blockbuster: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Multimedia Design and Production

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    What is the relationship between passion, vocation, and profession? In this talk, Armando Gomez, a multimedia director with the innovative international multimedia studio Moment Factory, shares his approach to creating spatially dynamic experiences. Through pioneering, interdisciplinary methods, Moment Factory tells visual stories in collective spaces, enhancing their unique toolbox of technologies by working in various forms of entertainment. The studio’s large-scale projects require complex workflow and continual interchange between different talents and skill sets. From illuminating the Jacques Cartier Bridge using real-time social media data to creating generative content for a Madonna stadium tour, Armando channels his training in music, architecture, and design into every exciting project. Join us for a discussion of new media design, and learn how Autodesk products used by Moment Factory, such as 3ds Max, Maya, and AutoCAD, are shaping exciting changes in the industry.

    Key Learnings

    • Propose creative solutions to working within multiple disciplines at once.
    • Discern how Autodesk products help to tell visual stories across various digital formats.
    • Understand the ways in which new design is transforming the entertainment industry.