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Modeling London's Transport Future: Technology Drivers in a $1.6 Billion Capital Investment Project

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    This class will provide an overview of how Bechtel has used technology to help drive the capital investment project at London Gatwick, which is the world’s busiest single runway airport and the second largest airport in the UK. The discussion will focus on how Autodesk® software has been implemented along with a range of other technologies to deliver a carefully planned, multidisciplinary project, including new terminal buildings, renovations, and infrastructure works. With over 200 projects either in progress or planned, the coordination between the airport authority, Bechtel, and a host of subcontractors is crucial, and it requires intelligent use of standards and collaboration tools. This class will be jointly delivered by Bechtel and Autodesk and will focus on the flow of data from preliminary design through to architecture, engineering, construction, and beyond.

    Key Learnings

    • Demonstrate how Autodesk software can be used for visualization purposes for technical and non-technical audiences
    • Describe the intricacies that are involved in developing an airport
    • Describe the range of solutions available for data aggregation and collaboration
    • Explain how design data can be used for construction planning