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Model Coordination or Navisworks for BIM Coordination? How to leverage both

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    We have pulled out all of the stops when it comes to the tools we use in BIM Coordination. In this session we explore the various plugins for Navisworks and Revit that we use to streamline the BIM Coordination process and show how our workflow has been optimized using a combination of Model Coordination and Navisworks to achieve an issue free model. We will discuss setting up the Model Coordination space, breaking up coordination models into manageable sizes, clash grouping, automated viewpoint creation in Navisworks using Holobuilder, and creating 3D Room Tags using Dynamo. We will also discuss using search sets, selection sets, appearance profilers, batch utilities, automated nwc exports, and using ACC Build during coordination in this session.

    Key Learnings

    • Model Coordination and Navisworks - how to utilize both tools to their fullest extent to communicate issues to subcontractors
    • Execute BIM Coordination on Large Projects
    • Model and File Size Management - overcoming the challenges of web based files in coordination
    • ACC Build Platform - Issues, Meeting Minutes, Schedule - using the built in tools to enhance your BIM Coordination process