Lecture    CR3903
Mobile Apps: Improving Data Collection, Data Management, and Trend Analysis via BIM
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It’s a fact. Construction companies depend on the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of the data they collect on-site to manage a successful project. From punch-listing to logging safety observations, many of today’s methods for collecting and managing that data fall short of optimum effectiveness and efficiency. We will expose you to new mobile technology that will change your way of thinking about how this data can be collected and used. You will gain an understanding of why customizing and optimizing this process is so important, as well as how the data can be imported into a Building Information Modeling (BIM) environment for use in trend analysis.

Key Learnings

  • List the reporting capabilities of the mobile application
  • Describe how project teams, including safety and quality professionals, can benefit from mobile technology
  • List the capabilities and limitations of location tracking in making field observations related to safety and quality
  • Harvest data from a mobile app for data archiving, data retrieval, and incorporation into Autodesk® Navisworks® software



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