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Millennial Madness and the Fabrication Workforce: There Is a Cure!
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Imagine! You have youthful 20-somethings working with a 60-year-old team member on the same project. These team members work for the same employer but have very different expectations of and perspectives on the company. Many companies are facing the challenge of employing a range of 4 (soon to be 5) generations. These include The Greatest (born before 1945), baby boomers (’46-’64), Gen Xers (’65-’80), Millennials (’81-’01), and soon Generation Z (2001 onward). Millennials are emerging as the largest population in the workforce, and this has left some of the other generations wondering if we are entering ”Millennial Madness” with a dysfunctional workforce. For engineering and fabrication companies, what are the challenges to overcome, strengths to capitalize on, and paths forward for success? This presentation will present sound research, solid solutions, and a cure for Millennial Madness!

Key Learnings

  • Discuss what the current generations are and why you should care about knowing them
  • Learn how to improve your company’s quality, budgets, and schedules by understanding generational differences
  • Discuss how we can improve communications among the generations
  • Hear discussion about how we can improve training among Millennials and Generation Z




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