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Meeting the Demands of Today's Technology-Driven Construction Projects

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    Over the past several years, the construction industry has adopted new technologies to improve project development and management. However, the temporary jobsite office isn't keeping pace with the demands of today's tech-driven construction jobs. This class provides best practices for bringing technology to the jobsite, tips for turning a standard field office into a smart jobsite office, and an overview of cost savings for all parties involved. The presentation also includes recommendations for incorporating BIM processes to help streamline jobsite documentation and lessen rework requests. The best practices shared enhances jobsite collaboration and mobilization while providing solutions for technology challenges in the field. The presentation concludes with a return-on-investment analysis of the various products that are available, including William Scotsman's techsuite™.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe the benefits of integrated technology on the jobsite and become familiar with products that are BIM ready
    • Improve workflow on jobsites, accomplishing tasks in real time and avoiding project errors and missteps
    • Enable jobsite mobilization, reducing document distribution costs and providing greater control of project expenses
    • Determine estimated cost savings from various technology products and services; examine ROI from project examples