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Maya and the Art World

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    The speaker is a practicing contemporary artist who’s been using Maya for 16 years, including for commercial work making animation and visualizations. With the advent of NFTs and the uptake in digital practices by contemporary artists, the art world is slowly waking up to the possibilities of digital art. As an artist, the speaker’s been exploring these possibilities since the early 1980s, as you can see in this recent interview ( While the art world is extremely varied these days, the need for originality and the hand-to-eye relationship of drawing is fairly elemental. Maya Paint Effects delivers the world's best 3D paint software. And the Bifrost extension for Maya lets artists build new and original effects. When combined with the whole suite of tools in Maya, contemporary artists have the most sophisticated and advanced tools to create the art of the next century. Duncan Brimsmead helped the speaker get started with Paint Effects, and this session will help you see what can be achieved with Paint Effects, Bifrost, and the collection of Maya tools.

    Key Learnings

    • Get an overview of making contemporary art in Maya.
    • Learn about using paint effects.
    • Learn about using Bifrost.
    • Learn about drawing in 3D.