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Maya and Substance Painter: A Quick Workflow for Indie Artists

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    This class will present a fast, easy-to-use workflow for creating great-looking textures using Maya software and Substance Painter. This hands-on class has the indie artist and 3D generalist in mind, instead of the big company with an army of specialized artists. Substance Painter has become the industry standard tool for creating textures for games and films, but it's a very complex and daunting software, and its integration with Maya is not always straightforward. This class will cut to the chase and show you how to prepare your model in Maya, set your materials, export, procedurally create the texture in Substance Painter, and then—finally—bring it all back to Maya and render beautifully with Arnold.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn a quick and efficient workflow between Maya and Substance Painter.
    • Learn how to properly set up and export your model in Maya.
    • Learn how to procedurally create the textures in Substance Painter.
    • Learn how to export back to Maya, and how to set up the painted textures in Arnold to get a beautiful final shot.