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Maximizing the Power of Dynamo and Grasshopper for Data Exchange

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    Data Exchange is a powerful neutral format you can use to store a subset of your design models in the cloud. Teams can easily use Data Exchange to share design data between Revit software, Rhino, Inventor software, Civil 3D software, and other authoring software through Autodesk Docs using connectors. This class will explore the capabilities of Dynamo and Grasshopper connectors to build interoperable workflows between applications and systems to share and receive graphical and metadata. You'll learn the step-by-step process of setting up connectors in Autodesk Construction Cloud, Revit, and Rhino. Using the connectors, users will be able to easily create, update, and manage data exchanges between authoring software to share the model geometry and property data. You can use Dynamo and Grasshopper Connector nodes to retrieve available data exchanges, receive and send data exchanges, and convert them to geometries and parameters via the DxData object.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain a clear understanding of how data exchanges can be used for streamlining interoperability.
    • Learn how to set up the Autodesk Construction Cloud environment to work with Dynamo and Grasshopper connectors.
    • Learn to implement workflows using Dynamo and Grasshopper nodes.
    • Learn how to maximize available nodes to generate geometries and process parameter data from data exchanges.