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Maximizing Construction IQ and Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics

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    Project stakeholders need to understand the state of their projects in a simple and easy-to-consume format. Autodesk Construction Cloud users can maximize the power of Construction IQ software to produce predictive insights and display the project analytics in a powerful but easy-to-understand dashboard with live links to the information. Construction IQ, with the help of machine learning, allows the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) teams to prioritize issues, and streamline and expedite decision making, thus improving the project delivery outcomes for all stakeholders. This presentation will showcase GHD's use of machine learning within Construction IQ to surface the data on safety and quality, enabling the resolution of issues before they become critical on site. Through this session, you'll better understand how to implement Construction IQ on your project today, gaining insights into projects that otherwise wouldn't be possible.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the project types for which the Construction IQ and machine learning can be used.
    • Learn how to access machine-learning-based risk analytics for quality and safety data of your project.
    • Learn how to customize dashboards using additional Construction IQ cards.
    • Learn how to create and share with project teams custom dashboards with Construction IQ cards.