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Material Transfer in Production Using Arnold and MaterialX

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    A modern VFX (visual effects) rendering pipeline is made up of many materials with detailed descriptions called looks. Looks need to be passed across different software products without loss of fidelity. Current workflows involve duplication across complex pipeline tasks that are hard and laborious to maintain. Arnold software lets you author asset looks in any supported software and then reuse the same looks in another software using the Arnold data format, which is fully extensible. Arnold furthers this approach by capitalizing on open-source back ends like MaterialX and USD, enabling users to build a very flexible, reusable, and connected pipeline. Arnold users can take advantage of this interoperability right out of the box. The data is always live, enabling users to make alterations (major or minor) at any point in the pipeline. In this talk, you will learn about setting up your pipeline to capitalize on reusability of looks. You will also see examples of taking your asset looks through different software.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to transport your looks across supported software easily.
    • Learn how to build, modify, and edit your looks all along your pipeline.
    • Learn how to set up your pipeline for high flexibility and reuse.
    • Learn how to scale your pipeline combining modular looks across software.