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Managing Factory Operations with the Internet of Things

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    Our smartphones are filled with apps that track numerous things like our heart rate, running speed, and sleep patterns, but what can this new world of internet-connected devices do for our work lives in industry? Growth of a new class of products called “connected devices” or the “Internet of Things (IoT)” will usher in a new era of smarter, more cost-effective factories. These devices will make production data visible and useful, and will do much to help factory managers make more strategic decisions. This class will cover emerging trends in the Internet of Things and introduce a new, easy-to-implement application for managing factory operations. The cloud-based application uses data collected from wireless, non-intrusive sensors, and displays it in the context of a digital model in order to deliver actionable insights for energy and production management.

    Key Learnings

    • Determine how the Internet of Things can help factory owners reduce energy consumption and costs
    • Learn how to access performance analytics for the production floor
    • Discover energy-intensive processes and idling equipment
    • Discover how high-frequency sensor information can help reduce maintenance costs