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Roundtable    PT21262-R
Managing Complex Plant 3D Models
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Developing a 3D model of a part or assembly may be accomplished with standard computer resources. However, modeling a large plant can quickly become taxing on most computers and make rendering the full model problematic. As such, reducing the model to subassemblies may increase the performance and rendering time. But what governs the break point when defining a subassembly? And what about other aspects of facility modeling, such as civil, or architectural feature sets? During this roundtable discussion, we will explore the various aspects of properly managing a plant model, and share insights on the best practices for bringing everything together to complete the model. This session features AutoCAD Plant 3D.

Key Learnings

  • Learn best practices from subject-matter experts and peers
  • Understand the limits of site modeling
  • Develop an understanding of model subassemblies
  • Understand the use of xrefs within a model



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