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Managing Building- and Condition-Assessment Data with Infrastructure Map Server and BIM 360 Glue

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    Providing precise and reliable management of inspection details is only a part of the construction inspection process. It is also essential to be able to visualize and manage access to the inspection records. In this class we will show how you can minimize risk by using Infrastructure Map Server software and BIM 360 Glue software to have reliable, searchable inspection data that is readily available in an easy-to-use, web-based system. The Pre and Post Facility Condition Inspection System will manage all aspects of the condition of infrastructure within a certain distance of the construction corridor; and it will do so in a database that provides time-bound, consistent, reliable, auditable, and secure access to a set of data elements that are located using GPS location—and by reference to the appropriate construction corridor feature. Through out the class we will cover the features of the system, such as how it captures the details of the inspection and maintains reliability. We will also discuss the tools that are included to suit the needs of various stakeholders.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to see that inspected and non-inspected infrastructure and buildings are easily visualized for quick review
    • Understand how inspectors, analysts, and stakeholders can access and review the data in a web-based format
    • Discover how construction corridors, existing infrastructure, and geographic information system layers can coexist for visualization of inspections
    • Find out how the data can be managed using a variety of tools suited to the particular needs of the stakeholders