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Roundtable    DV3464-R
Making Revit Add-ins That Cooperate with Worksharing: A Roundtable Session
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Are you an Revit-based software developer who has run into issues supporting your add-ins in a workshared environment? Have you hit situations where elements can't be edited or updated due to conflicts? As a followup discussion to DV1888: Facing the Elephant in the Room: Making Revit® Add-ins That Cooperate with Worksharing, join this roundtable session to further discuss the techniques that are available to developers to operate on workshared models. Bring questions from your own development experience or more detailed questions inspired by the lecture and discuss the possibilities with a group of experienced Revit API developers. Knowledge of C# and Revit API is required, and prior experience with Revit worksharing will be helpful.

Key Learnings

  • Explain the basics of Revit worksharing techniques and terminology, especially features that affect add-in development
  • Design a Revit add-in to work well in a workshared environment
  • Determine the right way to open, read, and/or modify a workshared document for your purposes
  • Describe how to deal with both file-based worksharing and server-based worksharing from your add-in


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