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Making Movie Magic: An Inside Look at Weta’s Blockbuster-Making Pipeline

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    Weta Digital has a proud history of bringing groundbreaking films to the big screen. We’re known for performance-driven animated characters such as Gollum, Kong, Neytiri, and Caesar as well as well-known fantasy worlds like Middle-earth in Lord of the Rings and Avatar’s Pandora. Along the way, our work has earned six visual effects Academy Awards®, twelve Academy Sci-Tech Awards, and six visual effects BAFTA Awards, in addition to the 34 Visual Effects Society Awards awarded to us by our peers. In this talk, we’ll explore the innovation behind the magic and share an inside look at the proprietary pipeline we’ve built on top of Autodesk Maya that enables our artists to create their best work.

    Key Learnings

    • Have a clear understanding of the benefits of Maya for visual effects pipelines.
    • Understand how Weta Digital identified areas to extend our Maya pipeline.
    • Be familiar with Weta Digital’s suite of custom tools.
    • Understand how Weta Digital uses these tools today and how we plan to implement them going forward