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MEP—From Revit to Real: Using Revit for Prefabrication

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    This class will discuss the uses of Revit families, data, scheduling, and the Revit API to push Revit content to the prefabrication factory floor. We'll discuss what goes into the families, how we condition the families for prefabrication-specific content, and how we pull that content out with custom tools to send to the factory floor. We'll cover the main issues of communication between the design team and the prefabrication team, how we've solved these issues, what we output for the team, and how they use it to create the preconstruction packages.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the relations between Revit and the real world.
    • Learn about challenges and limitations facing electrical contractors.
    • Learn about using the Revit API to export and condition Revit parameter data to the factory floor.
    • Explore solutions to common problems affecting MEP contractors.