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Link Details to Multiple Projects in Revit

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    Working on campus projects, strip malls, or any type of multi-building project inevitably brings up the discussion of how to manage the details. Often a major driving factor in choosing how to manage the details depends on whether all of the buildings will be included in one set of construction documents or if each building will be a separate set of documents. Based on the project and which of the 2 previously mentioned approaches is selected, there are a number of strategies that can be implemented within Revit-based software to help streamline the construction document process. This class covers a few scenarios of multi-building projects and discusses which approach to detail management may be the most appropriate. In addition, the class reveals and discusses the pros and cons to each approach so that you will be able to apply the most appropriate strategy to your own multi-building projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Create a separate detail file that can be linked into multiple files
    • Use strategies for linking details for separate construction documents
    • Use strategies for linking buildings for a single set of construction documents
    • Explain the pros and cons of each strategy