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LiDAR: How Southern California Edison Visualized Success

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    Southern California Edison (SCE) uses light detection and ranging (LiDAR)-equipped aircraft to identify overhead lines with clearances that don't comply with local and federal requirements. This involves many utilities, including transmission, distribution, and telecommunications. In this class we will discuss how infractions are solved using a 4-step approach: identify, evaluate, design, and remediation. The LiDAR results show opportunities where man-made encroachments occur, as well as revealing environmental encroachments that involve vegetation management. We will look back at lessons learned to date, and we'll take a look forward at the future of advanced surveying and design systems. This all happens within the framework of SCE's enterprise level workflow management system.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the benefits and challenges of LiDAR
    • Learn how LiDAR can integrate into Design Solutions
    • Learn how to use a range of methodologies, data collection, analysis, and workflows
    • Learn how to apply lessons learned and look forward from these processes